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      The People for People Foundation of Gloucester County is a grassroots 501 (c)3 organization founded in November of 2003 by community leaders who were concerned about helping their neighbors who fall on hard times. People for People’s mission is to provide financial and advocacy assistance to Gloucester County residents who are normally self sufficient but have experienced a financial hardship due to loss of employment, sickness, accident, fire, or other unforeseen emergency.

      Often people who fit into this category are not eligible to receive help from conventional charitable sources or government agencies because they may fall outside of traditional guidelines or income levels, or they need immediate help that other organizations can’t respond to quickly enough. Many seeking help from People for People would be considered the “Working Needy” living paycheck to paycheck, or seniors and others living on fixed incomes who suddenly find themselves in need of help, and not knowing where to turn. People for People has helped hundreds of individuals and families to date in their time of hardship and through their Hands Across the County Program, has served as advocates for many more.

      It had become apparent over the past few years that there was a desperate need for a more organized networking program within Gloucester County that would not only facilitate the teaming together of a wide array of help providers, both conventional and non-conventional, but also help pool together the varied resources and expertise of each to provide the maximum help possible for those in need. There was a tremendous need for an expanded “Advocacy Program” as well to help those seeking assistance, many for the first time, through the maze of help providers, government agencies, and charities. That is why People for People developed their “Hands Across the County” program to help provide faster, more direct and more complete assistance for those seeking help, and substantially increase the number of people that can be helped and to a fuller extent.

      Every week numerous help providers such as the Division of Senior Services, 211, United Way, Red Cross, Senior Corps, Gloucester County Board of Social Services, local and state elected officials and many others contact People for People asking for help. These calls are requesting not only monetary help from People for People, but also assistance and guidance through the maze of conventional and non-conventional help providers which People for People has become expert in, to pool together different resources and funds to help further aid their needy clients.

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Thank you.

Bernadette Blackstock, Executive Director





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