Heart of South Jersey Resource Central

     The Heart of South Jersey (HSJ) is an inter-agency collaboration providing the South Jersey community with a quality support system for families experiencing difficulty achieving or maintaining self-sufficiency.  Our mission is to promote the Pascale Sykes benchmarks of child well-being, healthy relationships, and financial stability, while supporting the two adult caregiver household.  We achieve this mission by assessing the needs of the family, and empowering them for long-term success through access to Resource Central, a hub for referrals, appropriate connections, and education. 

     This is accomplished by providing access to Resource Central which includes:
        1.  Up-to-date online multi-county Resource Directory
        2.  LifeSkills Institute
        3.  Family need assessments providing referrals and resources. 
        4.  The Community Outreach Think Tank (COTT) supports the help provider community, providing resources, support and information.  

     The Heart team brings a unique perspective, high level of expertise and a strong work ethic to provide support to the South Jersey Community.                                               
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